Navigate the complexity of export laws and sanctions regulations with arm’s length

For many companies, screening of pre-bookings, manifests, traders and cargoes is managed with highly generic, automated systems or key-word checks. This might seem adequate, however the fines and embargoes issued from OFAC speak differently.

Manifest-Desk has a developed a non-intrusive data cleaning and enhancement process that ensures that the data presented for screening is correct, free of errors and checked according to usage. In a specialised ‘3-eyed’ approach that includes manual checks, algorithm-based check and learning-based key-word matches and delivers an audit report, your compliance audit is as safeguarded as possible. Your specialised compliance team can focus on true red alerts, without wasting time on hundreds and thousands of false alerts.

Cargo screenings against military, dual items and country-specific screening lists

Unique to Manifest-Desk, customers can access an online platform for cargo screening, eliminating the requirement for browsing through hundreds of PDF pages on regulatory web-sites.

The data not only contains public sanctions lists with daily updates, as additional enhancements are built on to the data on a daily basis. This includes goods type, end-use, physical state, HS codes, chemical composition, destination, supplier and receiver check for potential end-use alerts and much more. Separate lists, such as luxury goods, dangerous cargoes, artefacts and other trade-specific lists are developed on continuous basis.

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