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Marcura Group announces strategic leadership transition

Marcura is pleased to announce the successful completion of a significant leadership handover. Jens Lorens Poulsen has moved from his position as Group CEO to assume the role of Chair of the Board. Henrik Hyldahn, previously the CEO of ShipServ, has transitioned to the position of Group CEO.
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Harnessing data to enhance maritime operations: the critical role of pricing risk

In the dynamic world of commercial shipping, understanding risk is crucial for strategic decision-making, especially in relation to optimising freight pricing. The use of tools like PortLog has become essential for ship owners and operators looking to reduce the discrepancy between the estimated versus the actual P&L of a voyage. This necessity was emphasised during the recent agri-commodities session at Geneva Dry 2024, where industry leaders from Pacific Basin and Norden discussed the profound impact of these technologies on maritime logistics.
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[WEBINAR] Optimising freight pricing with PortLog

Are you at risk of mispricing freight as a result of inaccurate voyage estimates? Watch PortLog's webinar on optimising freight pricing to discover how to leverage the 38.2m digitised port events in PortLog to improve the accuracy of your voyage estimates, maximise opportunities and better manage risk.
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[WEBINAR] Predicting demurrage with PortLog

Should you be making quicker, more profitable fixture decisions using data and analysis over gut feeling and instinct? Watch PortLog's demo webinar recording to understand how to leverage the 38.2m digitised events in PortLog to identify fixture risks and improve the accuracy of your voyage estimates.
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[WEBINAR] All hands on tech: Tackling the top worries of maritime CFOs

Our insightful webinar explores how maritime financial leaders can leverage digital solutions to boost profitability and efficiency. In partnership with maritime consultancy, Thetius, our research provides practical guidance on implementing technologies across your organisation's operations, from pre-fixture to post-fixture and the voyage itself.
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Six useful insights for successful maritime process automation

To explore the impacts and key considerations of process automation for maritime businesses, our Group Chief Commercial Officer, Hans-Christian Mordhorst, joined a recent Thetius webinar on “Understanding process automation in maritime“ to delve into the priorities and possible pitfalls of automation. We’ve gathered some of his key takeaways and most valuable insights to help you successfully navigate your own process automation journey.
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