DA-Desk: Meeting Compliance Requirements in Shipping & Maritime Services

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Shipping companies are increasingly facing regulatory pressures. A growing list of requirements relating to financial and systems controls, and compliance with anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and sanctions laws, are some of the most important issues which vessel-operating companies need to navigate in order to not run afoul with various laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where they operate. The cost of non-compliance can be severe and carries not just the possibility of monetary and reputational damages but also imprisonment for top executives. 

Laytime-Desk: Considerations for Outsourcing Laytime Calculations

By Nigel Harkness, GM Laytime-Desk. First published on blog.marcura.com/laytime-desk 

Why could outsourcing of your laytime management benefit you? 

The process of reviewing the facts of a voyage after its completion, calculating the laytime in accordance with complex charter party terms, as well as obtaining a settlement, keeps commercial staff from more important day-to-day matters and could potentially cost you money. Yet understandably, concerns such as security and data protection, or simply reluctance to outsource processes due to uncertainty, keep many organisations from reaping the benefits of having a third party take care of their laytime calculations.

DA-DESK: Security and Fraud Protection In Maritime Transport & Shipping Services

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At DA-Desk, security and fraud prevention are at the top of our list when it comes to ensuring that our customers’ transactions and data are secure. Our customer-centric approach to confidentiality is what continues to set us apart from our competitors.

Enterprise-grade security ensures that your business transactions are safe with us.

Laytime-Desk: How To Simplify The Laytime Process In Maritime Transport

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It’s every ship owner’s frustration: mixed-up paperwork, which results in delayed or rejected claims. And most times, disagreements over laytime calculations seems to be unavoidable. An all-too-familiar predicament for many seasoned professionals in the maritime industry, misinterpreted charter-party (CP) clauses and laytime calculations can often prove to be a costly affair.

The DA-Desk Difference: Leading with Co-Creation

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A growing trend in business and product development is ‘co-creation’. By its very name, it implies a collaboration between two or more parties. In our case, we partner with the customer – or user – in the creation of value.

The term ‘co-creation’ is not new. However, it is now receiving more attention –  driven largely by the increasing development of the Internet, particularly social media –  as companies endeavor to differentiate themselves from the competition.

MarTrust: Sailors Honoured at Day of the Seafarer 2016

Suffice it to say, the layman’s understanding of the mysterious world of seafaring is restricted to watching Pirates of the Caribbean re-runs. In reality, the insurmountable odds faced by seafarers at the helm of the shipping industry the world over is often overlooked as we bask in the convenience of being spoilt for choice when it comes to retail or automotive purchases. This year, the Day of the Seafarer campaign aims to not only shed light on the importance of this profession, but also to acknowledge and reward the enormous sacrifices these individuals make in order to provide an indispensable service to the public.

Laytime-Desk: The Importance of Laytime and Demurrage Calculations

By Ken Anderson, Director of Special Projects

When laytime and demurrage enthusiasts (yes, we know...), bloggers and industry people talk laytime, they seem to consistently circle around the same subjects: the implications of free pratique and BPVOY4, inchoate notice, this and that specific clause, and all the different interpretations stemming from interesting case studies and the many reports and books on this topic. We get it: clauses are interesting, their interpretation is interesting, and they do present interesting stores – sometimes.

MarTrust: International Crew Payments and the Story of Six Wives

By Domenico Carlucci, Managing Director of MarTrust

One of the main reasons why our customers use MarTrust’s payment processing services is that we are dedicated and always available.

International crew payments can be the bane of many ship managers’ and masters’ lives. The current success rate of maritime payroll payments through traditional means averages at around 94%. This means that 6 out of every 100 employees do not get their salaries on time.