Cost Management in Emission Control Areas (ECA) 2016

ECA Compliance Methods

The year 2015 has seen quite a few changes and challenges to the shipping industry including the reduction in oil prices, and currency fluctuations in South American countries such as the drop of the Brazilian Real and Mexican Peso. Arctic warming has opened up new routes while other areas suffer from global warming and its effects (rising sea levels, changed erosion and sedimentation patterns). Additionally, the Emission Control Areas (ECA) imposed a 0.1 % sulphur emission level and Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS) at the beginning of this year. The effect of these changes and challenges are wide in range.

Shipping News, Weekly Round-up. 29 Oct – 4 Nov

The shipping industry by its nature encompasses national and international entities. Every voyage takes account of various factors such as the oil price, currency fluctuation, weather and various trade news that inherently affect the industry on a massive scale regarding routes, time efficiency and cost. Here is a roundup of the most relevant news of the week.


Maritime Sanctions Checks: The Impact on the Shipping Industry

The ever-changing world of politics has a far-reaching impact on both our personal and professional lives. Perhaps one of the most evident examples of this is the subject of sanctions and embargoes. These impact on the shipping industry in a number of different ways, from what goods you are allowed to carry and to where, to the knock-on impact on the insurance and commodity markets – all of which may hit your bottom-line profits.

Where are the marine sanctions in operation? How to adhere to maritime sanctions compliance?