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Since the launch of DA-Desk in 2001, The Marcura Group has continuously launched services in response to customer requests or market opportunities we identified as important for our strategy.

With our businesses, we aim to fill the trust gap in the industry by embedding our services into the industry’s actual transactions. This, we do by checking and clearing information, money and counterparties and therefore eliminating the unnecessary friction and frustration in what should be straightforward transactions.


For 20 years, we have invested in businesses with unique expertise, innovative systems, efficient processes and skilled industry specialists. Businesses that have the potential to develop industry standards and innovate with efficiency, intelligence and value-adding services.

Each business founded on principles of independence and transparency with the aim to become a preferred specialist partner to the front line people of the industry. Each of our businesses are at a different stage of development and are governed according to stage-relevant playbooks, each adhering to our philosophy of Focus at the business unit level.

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