Laytime-Desk turns the intensive Laytime process into smooth sailing

Confidentially, and with a secure and structured work flow, we process your Laytime calculations in a few days, so you stay updated at all times with critical post-fixture activities. We deliver a secure, smart and easy-to-use solution that reduces your paperwork and time consuming manual workflows.

You’ll save time, reduce risk with a dedicated Laytime team at your disposal, anytime.

Secure, timely and structured

Laytime and demurrage continues to be a constant source of disagreement. Misinterpretation of charter-party clauses and the Laytime calculation itself can be a costly affair. It's all in the details of the - usually - unstructured documents.

Laytime-Desk's services are developed and managed by industry specialists with decades of accumulated knowledge and a true passion for delivering quality support through secure and confidential processes to the maritime industry.

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