The Group businesses operate within the shipping industry, delivering distinct services within Business process outsourcing, industry Platforms and Business intelligence solutions. Each business is governed according to our portfolio playbooks within:

These 3 services are the foundation of the Group and were launched in the first 7 years of the Group’s history. They are centered on the procurement, accounting and settlement of transactions related to the port call of a vessel, and are tightly integrated to deliver a unified user experience.

In this portfolio, we have responsive businesses that follow the Marcura Lean Start-up Playbook and whose ultimate goal is to become core businesses. Some are in early stages of the Venture portfolio, while others are in a more advanced stage and close to becoming part of the core portfolio. For these businesses, we are still verifying assumptions regarding the timing of additional product development and of the scalability of the business model. The playbook for these is sound investment timing and is also about moving these businesses forward, fast.

Due to its core businesses, Marcura commands a critical mass flow of data that holds valuable business intelligence if properly captured, transformed and standardized. No single company in the industry command such an asset nor does any company have the incentive to capture, transform and standardize this into actionable intelligence.