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Laytime-Desk: How To Simplify The Laytime Process In Maritime Transport

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It’s every ship owner’s frustration: mixed-up paperwork, which results in delayed or rejected claims. And most times, disagreements over laytime calculations seems to be unavoidable. An all-too-familiar predicament for many seasoned professionals in the maritime industry, misinterpreted charter-party (CP) clauses and laytime calculations can often prove to be a costly affair.

Laytime-Desk’s cost-saving services help customers make sense of the complexity of laytime and demurrage – thanks to a simple, straight-forward process. Laytime-Desk’s standards are developed and implemented by industry specialists with decades of accumulated knowledge and a true passion for delivering quality support to the maritime industry through secure and confidential processes.

Laytime-Desk’s Laytime Calculation Process sets high standards for Service Value.

How Laytime-Desk handles laytime and demurrage calculations

Laytime-Desk prides itself on timeliness and confidentiality. This means that decision-making processes and knowledge remain with the customer. Through a structured workflow, laytime calculations are processed within one week. Customers enjoy complete transparency because they remain informed throughout each step of the process.

In an end-to-end process, Laytime-Desk cross-references documents with the CP and Recap to confirm requirements. All documents are then stored in our secure industry-grade LT-Vault™. With the documents at hand, we sort and refer to the relevant sections to run the laytime calculation and provide you with a detailed logical breakdown. When you have approved the calculation, we can follow up with counterparties and collect relevant supporting documents, if you request. This is done within agreed-upon timelines.

To fit your internal processes and counter party strategies, you can select some of all or parts of the process, making it as flexible as you need it to be.



At Laytime-Desk, we understand that ship owners and charterers want to be on top of claims. Our specialised staff know how to navigate the essential details that go into filing a claim, from the basic steps to the often-overlooked specifications that can otherwise cause delays if not handled with extra care and knowledge.

Collecting, structuring and providing a secure environment for the transfer and storage of confidential documents is at the core of our service.

The advantages to working with us include:

Time savings;

·         Easy uploading, storage and retrieval of documents;

·         Version management and audit trail;

·         Time bar tracking;

·         Transparency and frequent feedback for additional process control;

·         All documents and information in one place, accessible online;

·         Log of all follow-ups, claims agreements and recovery of final settlements;

·         Provision of initial calculations after load port for easier handling of subsequent ports;

·         Risk reduction;

·         Early identification and mitigation of laytime risks;

·         Audited processes with a secure platform; and

·         Flexibility and utmost confidentiality in a variable market.

·         Through our flexible, pay-as-you-go options, we can help you clear any backlog that you may have and provide you with process improvement so you can focus on your key tasks.

Through our flexible, pay-as-you-go options, we can help you clear any backlog that you may have and provide you with process improvement so you can focus on your key tasks. 


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