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Our favourite Marcura visuals of 2022

Welcome to our “hidden” content!

It’s been super fun developing some creative ways of expressing our solutions and their features.

Here are my (totally subjective) favourite 7 new visuals that my team produced and published in 2022.

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!




#1: FinTech meets Maritime = MarTrust



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#2: Data points become aligned | How DA-Desk integrates to all major VMSs



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#3: 12 Roles | Some of the people in maritime we help

Marcura solutions Personas

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#4: The wheel of compliance | The checks we do as part of DA-Desk

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#5: Solutions smile: All of our 8 solutions

Marcura solutions family 8 solutions and platforms

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#6: Marcura’s world | 25 network locations


World map of locations

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#7: MCaaS wheel: Top level summary of our MCaaS compliance solution


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Compiled by:

David Hardy, Group Marketing Director at Marcura


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