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Watch our webinar recording ‘All hands on tech: Tackling the top worries of maritime CFOs’

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Our insightful webinar explores how maritime financial leaders can leverage digital solutions to boost profitability and efficiency.

In partnership with maritime consultancy, Thetius, our latest piece of research provides practical guidance on implementing technologies across your organisation’s operations, from pre-fixture to post-fixture and the voyage itself.

Learn how data-driven decision-making, digitised processes, and integrated systems can help you reduce costs, minimise risk, and gain a competitive edge.

Key areas covered include:

  • Practical frameworks to guide your digital strategy and decision-making
  • Common pain points that keep CFOs up at night and how digital tools can help
  • Solutions to optimise pre-fixture, voyage, and post-fixture activities


Dionysis Tzelepis
CEO, DA-Desk

Angelos Stamatiadis
Director of Pools Finance, Signal Group

Nick Chubb
Founder, Thetius

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Navigating new financial seas

How to deploy digital solutions to maximise profit and reduce risk

Take a look at our report which provides a deeper dive into the topics covered in the webinar, showcasing how digitalising different aspects of a voyage can generate substantial financial gains, helping financial leaders steer their way through the complex maritime digital solutions landscape.

It provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating digital solutions, calculating ROI, managing change, and future-proofing your organisation.

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