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“Marcura is the market leader in disbursement accounts and other platforms that come along with the port call process. Marcura can manage a high volume of port calls – and this was the main factor to come over to Marcura.

Partnering with Marcura helps Eagle to perform better, to process accounts quicker and leverages on data and resources Marcura has all in one platform.”

Marc Radulovic
Senior Operations Manager

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“DA-Desk is always up-to-date with global port tariffs and with their huge database they also know which invoices are true and what can be challenged.
We see a clear difference in the quality and efficiency we can achieve and now just one person is able to manage the DAs of the entire company.”

Manish Jain
Chief Operating Officer

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Co-creation is the core element in our customer centricity

We partner with the customer – or user – in the creation of value.

Keeping customers at the center of everything we do, we design solutions to deliver the best possible experience for them and their evolving needs. Our software development model is based on user-centric exploration and design, fast prototyping and agile development.

Throughout any new solution development, we engage with users in their specific work situations.

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