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DA-Desk – fully automate your disbursement accounting and payments

DA-Desk – a quick introduction to the main features and benefits of the best-in-class DA automation platform

Customer stories: Eagle Bulk | Mark Radulovic discusses how Eagle Bulk uses DA-Desk | “We know that Marcura is a market leader in technology and also in the processing of disbursement accounts.”

DA-Desk PDA approval. “We’ve got an app for that.” A super quick tour of the DA-Desk phone app for shipping operations teams.

Torvald Klaveness: How DA-Desk integrates into your systems – a customer story about the seamless integration between their VMS and DA-Desk

DA compliance by DA-Desk. Compliance comes built into the DA-Desk platform. It’s a major advantage of our system. We check every one of your invoices. This video gives more detail on all the different compliance areas covered.

DA-Desk – An interview with Hans-Christian Mordhorst

At the time of this recording HC was MD of DA-Desk. He’s now the group Chief Commercial Officer.

How DA-Desk Plans & Develops New Features and Products

What are DA-Desk’s views on being customer focused

How DA-Desk Innovates by Co-Creation

DA-Desk on customer engagement

How DA-Desk Ensures Consistently High Standards of Customer Service

MarTrust | Simplify the crew payments process and CTM | Make life easier for your crew

The story of the 6 wives. Domenico Carlucci, CEO of MarTrust, tells this cautionary tale…. which effectively becomes your business case for our MarTrust products!

MarTrust e-wallet solution

MarTrust APP for seafarers

MarTrust APP for seafarers

MarDocs | Digitising fixtures contracts | Simplify your chartering process with our cloud-based fixture collaboration tool

This is MarDocs!

MarDocs introduction

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