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About Marcura

Marcura is the parent company behind many of the leading products and brands that are streamlining processes in the maritime industry.

Our products include DA-Desk, PortLog, and MarTrust.

Our full list of products can be found here.

We’re an established, successful and energetic company and for the last 20 years we’ve been developing a series of innovative software products and platforms that have been digitally transforming our part of the massive maritime market.

We’re now over 700 people, based in multiple countries, who all operate with a “our customers come first” philosophy.

We have big future plans for new products and continued enhancements of our existing ones.

If you’d like to talk to us about your digital transformation, please get in touch.

Streamlining the processes in shipping

Our mission: Streamlining the processes in shipping

90% of all world trade is handled by the global shipping industry, delivering critical energy, food and raw materials to 7 billion people.

This huge responsibility rests on a few hundred thousand frontline professionals. However, these professionals are being burdened by unnecessary friction and pain in what should be straightforward transactions.

It is easy to see why the industry needs solutions so that the front-line professionals can utilise their skills and knowledge, leaving them at the top of their game, at all times.

This is WHY we are committed to streamlining the processes in the shipping industry.

Helping the frontline of maritime

Before entertaining a new idea or initiating a project, we always ensure that we have considered 4 critical questions that each represent a core value of the Group.

Since 2001, these questions have been met and answered with products, business units and companies that are founded on principles of:

  • compliance
  • independence
  • transparency
  • efficiency

and, as a result, gain the trust of many of the world’s largest vessel operating companies.

Helping the frontline of maritime
Marcura product development and launch timeline

20 years of innovation and product development

Marcura's eight maritime products

Discover our products

How we do it

Guided by our principles, we identify common transactions in the shipping industry with fragmented or non-existing standards, and where those transactions may cause high friction or carry unnecessary costs for parties involved.

We work with our customers through efficient processing of such non-standardised transactions, and aim to learn enough to propose an impartial, scalable solution that has the potential to become an industry standard.

728 marine experts

728 dedicated employees globally, most working from home at the moment, but with offices in Dubai, Mumbai, London, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Greece, Singapore and the United States.

And we’re growing fast: so far in 2021 we have hired an additional 100 team members around the world.

The Group’s operating companies and business units avail of the Marcura Shared Services which are provided by the parent company. By centralizing the strategic and administrative support functions, we ensure our businesses are focused on making their business offerings operate smoothly and efficiently.

Sharing best practices across the business units also allows us to minimise wasted effort and maximise productivity.

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    In line with Design Thinking principles, our Innovation Team generates user-driven solutions to complex problems through a process characterized by intensive research, feedback loops and quick iterations.

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    The experienced software development team embraces agile software development methods and delivers multiple services while retaining flexibility to deliver rapid prototyping using cutting-edge technologies.

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    Sales & Marketing ensure we promote and deliver the right products to the right customers.

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    The team ensures the integrity and quality of IT deliverables, smooth systems operations, proactive maintenance, consistent systems availability, and, most importantly, unwavering IT security.

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    Our products are guided by industry veterans, entrepreneurs and an advisory board with the expertise and network to guide business ideas from incubation, through launch and full-blown operational growth.

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    A dedicated and experienced data team that includes certified process specialists functions within a focused and independent internal business unit.

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    The team supports a broad range of strategic projects and tactical initiatives related to the Group’s overall mission, including forecasting, budgeting, accounting/auditing, capital allocation, financial planning and analysis.

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    Maintaining an organisational culture committed to compliance and high ethical standards.

    The team also exercises oversight of the ISO 9001 and ISAE 3402 Type II audits (DA-Desk) and provides advice on internal controls, risk management, contracts, corporate structures and the handling of other important legal matters.

Discover what

Since the launch of DA-Desk in 2001, The Marcura Group has continuously introduced services in response to customer requests or market opportunities we identified as important for our strategy.

With our businesses, we aim to fill the trust gap in the industry by embedding our services into the industry’s actual transactions. This, we do by checking and clearing information, money and counterparties and therefore eliminating the unnecessary friction and frustration in what should be straightforward transactions.

Streamlining the processes of the marine industry

For 20 years, we have invested in businesses with unique expertise, innovative systems, efficient processes and skilled industry specialists. Businesses that have the potential to develop industry standards and innovate with efficiency, intelligence and value-adding services.

Each business founded on principles of independence and transparency with the aim to become a preferred specialist partner to the front-line people of the industry.

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