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Marcura’s solutions

Eight solutions that streamline processes in the maritime industry, driving greater efficiency and compliance.

For 21 years, we’ve been developing a series of innovative software solutions and platforms that have been digitally transforming our part of the massive maritime market.

We have big future plans for new solutions and continued enhancements of our existing ones.

If you’d like to talk to us about your digital journey, so would we!

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Marcura solutions family 8 solutions and platforms

Helping with the big issues in maritime

Group CEO Jens Poulsen discusses how our solutions can help with some of the big macro issues faced by maritime industry such as decarbonisation, master data, compliance and sanctions.

Marcura: a local company

At Marcura, we have a broad global network. At the same time keeping local relationships with customers where they are and where they operate is vital.

Jens shares his views on why it’s important for us to stay close to our customers and how we do it.

Marcura at 21

This year marks Marcura’s 21st birthday.

Group CEO Jens looks back on the last 21 years and reflects on his journey with co-founder Christian Haunso.

Jens discusses the Marcura culture and values, what he is most proud of, the importance of customer first and the importance of compliance in maritime.


Reduce costs and risk with the leading Disbursement Accounts solution

From Agent appointment to voyage closing, automate every step, including payments.

Remove paperwork, save time and enhance compliance.

Reduce costs on average by $700 per port call.

DA-Desk is supported by a 60+ team of compliance researchers, analysts and sanctions professionals monitoring global trading and regulatory developments 24/7 to support our customers

Please click below to see how the savings are realised.


Improve fixture profitability – predict and manage port time

Time is money and more than 40% of voyage time is spent in port.

We solve the last piece of the voyage optimisation puzzle by helping you predict and manage time and cost in port.

PortLog delivers a unique suite of tools to:

  • accurately predict the financial impact of terminal times and conditions
  • powered by millions of digitalised Statements of Facts and AIS data.

Driving efficiency and decarbonisation

Jens explains how PortLog supports our customers in reducing cost as well as their carbon emissions.


Maritime payments made easy

Whether it’s paying your suppliers, Masters or crew, we’ve got you covered.

A “built-specifically-for-maritime” solution that will:

  • reduce your FX and transaction fees
  • significantly enhance your sanctions and AFC compliance
  • delight your crew.

We offer solutions for both vessel operators and your crew (including an online app/e-wallet and payment card).

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PortsDirect | Harbour Towage Discounts


Join our network of competitive contracts in over 400 ports

Optimise your cash flow through discounted contracts with port service providers in over 400 ports worldwide.


Simplify your chartering process with our cloud-based fixture collaboration tool

Transform your chartering process with a cloud-based collaboration tool that securely enables Charterers, Owners and Brokers to manage fixtures.

MarDocs is a simple and intuitive interface making it instant and effortless to amend or agree on any part of any fixture document.

Line by line, paragraph by paragraph, every change is tracked and every version saved.

All charter parties have online access to the very latest version of the documents – simple, efficient and transparent.

Charter Party Services
Maritime sanctions services for trade compliance


Marcura Compliance as a Service – Leading compliance services, built for maritime

MCaaS provides customers with robust screening services for export controls and sanctions compliance.

To strengthen your sanctions compliance we will perform regular:

  • third-party screening
  • vessel screening
  • cargo screening

Reduce hassle, risk and costs of compliance with us.


CP admin – Pass the hassle of CP review/auditing, drafting and storage of CPs to us

CP management is a costly, time-consuming, monotonous task.

Free up your team and pass that pain to our specialists!

You’ll get:

  • reduced costs
  • increase quality
  • reduced risk
  • greater accuracy
  • access to specialists and standard documentation.
Charter Parties
Laytime Calculations


We process your Laytime calculations

Manage your demurrage claims and documents with Laytime-Desk’s confidential, structured service.

You’ll save time and reduce risks and make your life simpler.

Let us sort out all that admin and tedious manual work for you.

Marcura timeline


20 years of innovation and solution development for our customers

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