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Read our guide to using DA-Desk

With DA-Desk we’re redefining the future of Disbursement Accounting.

Learn how DA-Desk can unlock the efficiencies of your port call operations and find out how much you can save.


Read our corporate guide – how shipping companies can improve the payroll process and reduce costs

What you’ll find inside:

  • How our payment solution enables captains, crew and onshore teams to manage pay, bonuses and advances with ease – and reduce cash on board
  • See screenshots of our solution
  • The main benefits of MarTrust


Get port costs and estimates of unpaid time at the click of a button, directly into your IMOS VIP

PortLog is a Veson platform partner. As a result, an integration is currently available to bring PortLog’s valuable data directly into your IMOS VIP.

Read our guide to find out:

  • The three ways you benefit
  • How it works


Reduce the administrative burden related to export controls and sanctions compliance for commodities, counterparties and vessels.

As a leader, you set the highest standards for yourself and your company: zero accidents, zero financial covenant breaches, and zero regulatory sanctions.

That’s the goal.

But you know that not even the best shipping companies can control for every possible exposure in the complex, changing sea of global sanctions.

Marcura Compliance adds to your protection and helps gain back your control.


Pass the hassle of reviewing/auditing, drafting and storage of CPs to us

No captain would take an unseaworthy ship to sea, so why should the business supporting them allow errors in the paperwork?

Trust our specialists at CP-Desk to minimise and correct mistakes, reducing risk.

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