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Navigating new financial seas

How to deploy digital solutions to maximise profit and reduce risk

Shipping companies are increasingly turning to digital solutions to optimise different aspects of a voyage and CFOs have become more involved in making decisions to support digital transformation.

The value of these solutions might be clear to one working in the operational department, but for the finance team, the benefits may be less clear-cut.

Our report showcases how digitalising different aspects of a voyage can generate substantial financial gains, helping financial leaders steer their way through the complex maritime digital solutions landscape.

What you’ll find inside:

  • A decision-making framework to simplify the process and help financial leaders to make digital solution investment decisions to maximise profit
  • Digital transformation vs. digital optimisation – the distinction between the two and why they’re both important in achieving optimal business improvements
  • The most common challenges CFOs currently face
  • Recommendations to help make more sense of the complex digital solutions landscape

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Hear from industry experts

All hands on tech: tackling the top worries of maritime CFOs

Our webinar brought together industry experts to explore how financial leaders can leverage digital solutions to boost profitability and efficiency.

It demonstrates how strategic digital adoption at each operational stage can optimise overall financial performance and our speakers share recommendations on choosing adaptable, scalable solutions and aligning IT and business strategies.

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