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Marcura: a local company

At Marcura, we have a broad global network. At the same time keeping local relationships with customers where they are and where they operate is vital.

Jens shares his views on why it’s important for us to stay close to our customers and how we do it.

The Marcura network locations

World map of locations

Marcura Americas, Inc.
Delaware, USA
+1 647 525 4252

Marcura UK Ltd.
London, United Kingdom
+44 203 948 1979

Marcura Nordics ApS
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 77 34 10 77

The Marcura Group
Athens, Greece
+30 698 0648004

The Marcura Group
Marcura Holding Ltd
Unit 63A, Level 15, Gate Building
Dubai International Financial Center,
+971 43636 200

Suite E701-710, DSO Headquarters Building
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 3636200

Marcura Platform Solutions FZE
C103-105 C Wing, Dubai Silicon Headquarters Building
Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai
+971 4 363 6260

Marcura India Services Pvt.Ltd
Mumbai, India
+91 9167 00 7511

Marcura Singapore Pte. Ltd
+65 8743 3847

Marcura Japan KK
Tokyo, Japan
+81(0)3 6257 3833

Marcura Equities FZE
Philippine Branch Office
Makati City, Philippines
+632 8511 5707

Africa: Morocco, South Africa

Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Portugal,

Switzerland, Turkey, UK

North America: Canada, USA

Central America: Mexico

South America: Brazil

Middle-East: UAE

Asia: India, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore

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