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Customer stories

“Marcura is the market leader in disbursement accounts and other platforms that come along with the port call process.

Marcura can manage a high volume of port calls – and this was the main factor to come over to Marcura.

Partnering with Marcura helps Eagle to perform better, to process accounts quicker and leverages on data and resources Marcura has all in one platform.”

Marc Radulovic
Senior Operations Manager

Marcura Testimonial

“DA-Desk is always up-to-date with global port tariffs, and with their huge database, they also know which invoices are true and what can be challenged.

We see a clear difference in the quality and efficiency we can achieve, and now just one person is able to manage the DAs of the entire company.”

Manish Jain
Chief Operating Officer



A guide to using DA-Desk

With DA-Desk we’re redefining the future of Disbursement Accounting.

Learn how DA-Desk can unlock the efficiencies of your port call operations and find out how much you can save.

Da-desk brochure


Corporate guide – how shipping companies can improve the payroll process and reduce costs

What you’ll find inside:

  • How our payment solution enables captains, crew and onshore teams to manage pay, bonuses and advances with ease – and reduce cash on board
  • See screenshots of our solution
  • The main benefits of MarTrust


Get port costs and estimates of unpaid time at the click of a button directly into your IMOS VIP

PortLog is a Veson IMOS Platform partner. As a result, an integration is currently available to bring PortLog’s valuable data directly into your IMOS VIP.

Read our guide to find out:

  • The three ways you benefit
  • How it works


Reduce the administrative burden related to export controls and sanctions compliance for commodities, counterparties and vessels

As a leader, you set the highest standards for yourself and your company: zero accidents, zero financial covenant breaches, and zero regulatory sanctions.

That’s the goal.

But you know that the best shipping companies cannot control every possible exposure in the complex, changing sea of global sanctions.

Marcura Compliance adds to your protection and helps gain back your control.

Maritime sanctions services for trade compliance


Pass the hassle of reviewing/auditing, drafting and storage of CPs to us

No captain would take an unseaworthy ship to sea, so why should the business supporting them allow errors in the paperwork?

Trust our specialists at CP-Desk to minimise and correct mistakes, reducing risk.


Navigating new financial seas

How to deploy digital solutions to maximise profit and reduce risk

Our guide showcases how digitalising different aspects of a voyage can generate substantial financial gains, helping financial leaders steer their way through the complex maritime digital solutions landscape.

What you’ll find inside:

  • A decision-making framework to simplify the process and help financial leaders to make digital solution investment decisions to maximise profit
  • Digital transformation vs. digital optimisation – the distinction between the two and why they’re both important in achieving optimal business improvements
  • The most common challenges CFOs currently face
  • Recommendations to help make more sense of the complex digital solutions landscape

Avoiding the digital divide

How to get the most out of maritime automation and hit your digital transformation goals.

In our recent survey, the evaluation of the benefits of automation came in only a tiny degree below those of digital transformation (84% vs. 80%).

What you’ll find inside:

  • The role of process automation in shipping’s digital transformation
  • Setting your automation strategy – what, why and how to automate
  • Why machines will never replace people – how to combine people, processes and technology to maximise value

Maritime Compliance – written in association with maritime consultancy Thetius

Learn more about the rapidly developing landscape of maritime sanctions compliance.

Inside the MCaaS Compliance guide, you’ll discover:

  • The impact of sanctions and compliance in the maritime industry
  • How the maritime landscape of sanctions and compliance is becoming more complex
  • How Operations Directors can reduce the burden of sanctions compliance

How to reduce your maritime anti-financial crime compliance risks

Sanctions in the maritime industry are being imposed faster than ever, and the high-pressured regulatory landscape means not only has your liability changed, but the anti-bribery and anti-money laundering compliance landscape is becoming increasingly complex.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How the maritime landscape of anti-financial crime compliance is changing
  • How Operations Directors can reduce anti-financial crime compliance risks
  • Survey results – how Operations Directors view AFC challenges


Meet our leadership and team members, and learn more about Marcura in our series of videos.

Below are our two most viewed videos but you can view them all here.

Marcura in 95 seconds

Marcura is here to streamline the processes in shipping.

Find out in 95 seconds how we help customers with our leading solutions.

The best part of the job

David asked the key question: what’s it like to work at Marcura?

Here’s a compilation of the answers he got from some of the leadership team here.

Latest news

Marcura Group announces strategic leadership transition

Marcura is pleased to announce the successful completion of a significant leadership handover. Jens Lorens Poulsen has moved from his position as Group CEO to assume the role of Chair of the Board. Henrik Hyldahn, previously the CEO of ShipServ, has transitioned to the position of Group CEO.

[WEBINAR] Optimising freight pricing with PortLog

Are you at risk of mispricing freight as a result of inaccurate voyage estimates?

Watch PortLog’s webinar on optimising freight pricing to discover how to leverage the 38.2m digitised port events in PortLog to improve the accuracy of your voyage estimates, maximise opportunities and better manage risk.

New Marcura Report Outlines Key Challenges and Opportunities Facing Maritime CFOs

A new report by Marcura and Thetius titled “Navigating Financial Seas” asked CFOs to provide frontline insights into the challenges they face as digital transformation is increasingly a central consideration for companies.

By speaking with financial leaders directly, Thetius analysts were able to identify five main obstacles facing CFOs and the strategies they are employing to tackle them.

Unlocking Digital Horizons in Maritime

Unlocking Digital Horizons in Maritime: Join Sigrid Teig at Geneva Dry 2024 on May 2nd

Expect an insightful exploration of the digital era’s challenges and opportunities, especially in light of Generation Z’s entrance into the workforce.

[WEBINAR] Predicting demurrage with PortLog

Should you be making quicker, more profitable fixture decisions using data and analysis over gut feeling and instinct?

Watch PortLog’s demo webinar recording to understand how to leverage the 38.2m digitised events in PortLog to identify fixture risks and improve the accuracy of your voyage estimates.

[WEBINAR] All hands on tech: Tackling the top worries of maritime CFOs

Our insightful webinar explores how maritime financial leaders can leverage digital solutions to boost profitability and efficiency.

In partnership with maritime consultancy, Thetius, our research provides practical guidance on implementing technologies across your organisation’s operations, from pre-fixture to post-fixture and the voyage itself.

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