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Improve fixture profitability – predict and manage port times

Optimising port call turnaround time delivers revenue-generating opportunities to vessel owners and operators.

Manage port time
Improve fixture profitability

Measure > Learn > Act > Repeat

PortLog is a revolutionary decision support system that is about time, making better-informed decisions and staying ahead of the pack.

Exclusively available to DA-Desk customers,  you can now get immediate visibility into how your fleet is performing operational and financially.

Time is money and more than 40% of voyage time is spent in port. We solve the last piece of the voyage optimization puzzle by helping you predict and manage time & cost in port.

PortLog delivers a unique suite of tools to accurately predict the financial impact of terminal time and conditions, powered by millions of digitalised Statements of Facts and AIS data.

Simulate port costs, lost time, weather impact and risk/reward opportunities related to your fixture terms and counterparties.

Driving efficiency and decarbonisation

Group CEO Jens Poulsen explains how PortLog supports our customers in reducing cost as well as their carbon emissions.

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