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Marcura group vacancies

Thanks for checking out our current vacancies.

We’re a growing company and so it’s very likely we’ve got vacancies at the moment, and throughout all of 2022.
You’ll find all our vacancies on the Marcura LinkedIn page.
That includes vacancies for each and every one of the group companies (like DA-Desk and MarTrust).
Here’s a little background about life @ Marcura.

Marcura is led by the two visionary entrepreneurs** who founded the company 21 years ago.


Their original mission, which we fully uphold today, is to streamline digital processes in the globally vital shipping industry.

We do this by putting our customers first.

As an established, successful, diverse and energetic company, we have developed a series of transformative solutions/brands specifically for the maritime industry which kill analogue drag via digitalisation.

Global and growing

  • Our 650+ customers are based in 53 countries
  • Our 728-strong team is based in 45 countries
  • We’re actively developing new solutions and new solution features, and we are targeting continued and significant growth in 2022


**You’ll find Christian’s and Jens’s profiles here.

You and Us

So far, we’ve done a pretty good job: significant growth and market-leading solutions.

But we’re even more ambitious now than ever. With big future growth plans we have vacancies for new teammates with big talents and expertise.

In short: We’ve got big plans.

That’s where you come in.

To be passionate about our customers, we need to be passionate about hiring (and keeping) the best talent.


IS THIS YOU?: If you are talented and passionate about digital transformation, tech, platforms, SaaS, customer service, building and selling great solutions, we’d be super pleased if you got in touch.


Remote excellence – work from home

Two years ago, we transitioned to a fully remote working setup for all our team members around the world.

Working from home:

  1. Allows our team members to have the flexibility of working from home (knowing they are fully supported by their colleagues, managers, and service teams, like IT and HR)
  2. Means that Marcura and our group companies can recruit globally, wherever the candidate calls home
  3. We call our working from home practice ‘remote excellence’ because our ambition is to be the best possible remote organisation possible

Marcura – diversity and inclusion

We’re 100% committed to preserving our culture of inclusion and diversity.

We’re all different. This makes us stronger as a company and helps to ensure we serve our diverse customers in the best possible way.

We’re committed to hiring the best people for the jobs we have. And then making sure they’re happy and can prosper.

We’ve made good progress on gender diversity, a particular issue in the shipping industry.

We welcome applications from people with disabilities, who may appreciate the flexibility of our remote excellence policy (work from home).

So, if you see a job you think fits your skills and experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Pride rainbow Marcura

Marcura and the bigger picture

We’ve already described how, like many global tech platforms, we continue to develop solutions that drive big increases in productivity and enhance the working lives of people in maritime.

We do this by automating (i.e. removing) many repetitive, tedious, manual tasks.

Our solutions have other positive impacts of which we are very proud.

Here are just two examples:

MarTrust is increasing seafarer welfare

There are over a million seafarers in the world, doing a sometimes-dangerous job, far away from their family.

The process of paying them and then enabling them to send funds home is fraught with many complications and risks.

The MarTrust e-wallet comprehensively solves these problems leading to increased seafarer welfare.

It’s one less thing for them to worry about when they’re away from home.

And, to them (and us), that’s really important.

PortLog and the environment

Our PortLog platform allows ship operators to reduce waiting time and time in port and optimise the entire port call process.

This helps our customers with their wider sustainability strategy – increasing their vessels’ operational efficiencies thereby reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Hear from our people

Leanne Maw

“A key part of my role is help ensure the Group operates in accordance with global best practices.”

Leanne Maw
Associate General Counsel

Takashi Ikeda

“One of the most important aspects of my job is to ensure that we keep our customers’ needs first.”

Takashi Ikeda
Account Manager

Emma Wilson

“My background in cost control and process efficiency helps our customers achieve their goals.”

Emma Wilson
Account Manager

Balaji Nadar

“Helping customers in operations management and process improvement.”

Balaji Nadar
Account Manager

Karlien Young

“I am passionate about our customers and will always strive to find the best solutions possible.”

Karlien Young
Head of Product

Check us out 

We’re proud of our Glassdoor reviews.

If you’re considering joining the team, then please take a look here.

Marcura (21 years young) and constant solution development

Marcura product timeline

Some of the team (girl power!) at the 2021 opening of the new Dubai office

Some of Marcura's Dubai team in front of the new reception

To meet lots of the Marcura team from around the world (and some of their pets!) check out our season’s greetings video


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