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Bonus content

A big welcome in from me.

This is a sales pitch-free zone!    I’m the marketing guy.

Especially for your enjoyment, I’ve selected 6 groovy items (I think so anyway).

And before that a preview and a new campaign visual.

It’s really a bit of a scrapbook.

Please come back soon, this page evolves!

(Last updated: 14 March 2023).

Best & thanks again for your click!    🖱️👆



p.s. (and in bold!): if we can give you a demo of any of our solutions, we’d love to – pls fill in the form, big red button, top right – we’ve made the form as short as possible!

Preview – coming soon March 2023


We’ve run “dragon” (at the top of this page) for a few months.

I wanted a more digitally looking visual for “Digital Transformation”.

Why a second creative attempt? Well, Digital Transformation…’s ABSOLUTELY 100% what we do!

See our LinkedIn page for how we use dragon.

Here’s what will replace dragon later this month (March 2023).

Do you prefer this new one, or the dragon?

Preview – coming soon 2

A new take on our facts and figures, and my first infographic @ Marcura!

Marcura facts, figures and fishes!

Marcura facts and figures at a glance

In situ: this infographic appears on this page.

New stuff – March 2023

This is a just-launched DA-Desk campaign.

I wanted to show all the many benefits of DA-Desk, within a theme.

The concept was built around a deck of cards – there are many benefits/ cards – see here.

The BIG one, the most powerful, of course, is the joker.

Make Marcura part of your digital journey

Special (creative) focus on…. MarTrust

I love these two pics.

Seafarers just setting out on their careers.

And is this a card or a cake?!!    <–image coming soon!!!

My own personal “Top 6 Graphics”

#1: FinTech meets Maritime = MarTrust

#2: Data becomes beautiful    (=useful)

#3: The people and teams we Serve

#4: Solutions smile

#5: Marcura’s world

#6: The MCaaS wheel

Written by:




(David Hardy, Group Marketing Director at Marcura)

David’s profile here




the end of the digitalisation journey……

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