Make savings your next port of call.

Over 250 of the world’s largest trading houses and shipping companies chose DA-Desk to do their disbursement accounts. By doing so, these companies reduce tons of time-consuming paperwork, they benefit from low or no banking costs, possibly the best FX rates in the market and they get automated, embedded compliance in their daily processes. DA-Desk is focused exclusively on the DA process, from port agent nomination to voyage closing, supporting the industry with continuous product and process improvements.

DA-Desk is the largest independent provider of global port cost management services.

In 2014, DA-Desk processed 140,000 disbursement accounts and helped operators save over $100 million! Altogether, scale, systems, processes, network and strong relationships with its customers and their agents has enabled DA-Desk to deliver substantial savings to its customers.

DA-Desk’s customers approve some $5 billion/year of port call-related costs via the online DA-Desk application. It also processes about  $4 billion of agent payments through its PortPayables® service, a cross-border payment platform designed for shipping operators who use the application, a cash management service that’s delivered in conjunction with DA-Desk’s banking partner, Citigroup.


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