Perform secure transactions at low cost and pay your suppliers around the globe in over 130 currencies. Dry Docking, Ship Chandlers, Deck and Engine Supplies are paid with low transaction costs and competitive FX rates.

Improve your payroll payment process while your seafarers and their families get the best FX rates and more money into their local bank account. You’ll have a flexible online system that handles unlimited agreements and allotments.

MarTrust provides financial solutions and services focused solely on the maritime industry.

In close partnership with leading global financial institutions, the company enables ship owners, vessel operators, ship managers, crewing companies and other industry players to make safe and efficient cross-border payments in over 130 currencies at minimal costs and at highly competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates. In keeping with Marcura’ s operating principles, MarTrust discloses its costs,
benchmarks its FX rates, and delivers savings to its customers while ensuring adherence to strict compliance standards.

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