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Marcura secures growth investment



Read the full 14 March 2022 news story:


We are excited to be partnering with Marlin Equity Partners to further invest in our existing platforms and services and accelerate our product expansion.

Marlin is a global investment firm that specialises in investing in international software- and platform focused companies.


What will change for Marcura?

As the shareholding taken by Marlin is a minority one, our fundamental strategy, mission and product range remain unchanged.

One of Marcura’s founding principles is independence, so rest assured that this new shareholding represents no actual or indirect conflict of interest for any of our customers.


In that case, why is Marcura doing this?

For the last 21 years, we’ve funded our growth organically.

We have several innovative products which we believe will resolve significant customer pains and we would like to bring these to market as soon as we can. The partnership with Marlin will help make this happen.

Marlin will contribute funding and expertise, which will be utilised alongside Marcura’s existing leadership. All this will enable us to make a step-change in increasing the value we provide to customers, existing and new.

In short: the pace of new platform development and existing product enhancements will be accelerated.

This will benefit all our products including DA-Desk, PortLog, MarTrust, MarDocs, PortsDirect, LaytimeDesk and MCaaS.


What will change for existing customers in the short term?

In a word, nothing.

Existing products, service levels, customer service and your contract with us all remain unchanged by this deal.

Both your day-to-day contacts, the senior management and the remaining (current) shareholders remain as they are today.

Longer-term, we are confident we will be able to serve you even better and in more ways.


What’s happening now?

The agreement was recently signed. We are now going through the process of regulatory approval.

We expect this to take a few months.

Marcura has always been driven by a customer-first culture.

Whilst this development is important for us, the priority for our teams is to continue providing our customers with first-class customer service and value from our products.



To read the press release from Marlin, please click here.


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