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You can have contracts with quality port service providers in every corner of the globe

PortsDirect has partnered with port service providers that offer both quality service and favorable pricing.

We pass the entire negotiated savings directly to our customers. As a PortsDirect customer, you no longer need to negotiate separate contracts with individual suppliers, and you always benefit from our discount — even for ports you enter once or twice a year.

Harbour Towage Contracts
Discounts on Port services

In 30 countries and 400 ports

PortsDirect delivers structured procurement of discounted rate agreements with port services providers (such as towage, launches, pilotage companies) and the subsequent provision of those agreements to vessel operating companies.

Today, PortsDirect has contracts in over 30 countries and 400 ports with $500 million customer spend annually.

These contracts are being re-negotiated annually and more ports are being added. Vessel operating companies benefit because of the competitive discounts, wide contract coverage, minimization of contract management tasks, cash flow optimization and systems integration with DA-Desk which ensures proper nomination of suppliers at agency appointment..

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