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Unlocking Digital Horizons in Maritime

Unlocking Digital Horizons in Maritime: Join Sigrid Teig at Geneva Dry 2024 on May 2nd

Expect an insightful exploration of the digital era’s challenges and opportunities, especially in light of Generation Z’s entrance into the workforce.

We’re excited to share that Sigrid Teig, Director of Strategic Customer Partnerships at Marcura, will be offering her unique perspectives on May 2nd at the “Making Data Actionable – A Workshop” session on the opening day of Geneva Dry 2024 (

In a maritime industry ripe with digital possibilities, Sigrid works at the forefront of supporting customers in their journey towards effective integration and enablement. Her session during Geneva Dry will explore how the sector can adeptly navigate the digital landscape, emphasising the necessity for streamlined, integrated solutions that enhance data-driven decision-making.

In a recent interview, Sigrid discussed the evolving tech landscape in maritime industries. When asked about what clients in the dry bulk space seek from technology providers, she highlighted two key themes: Integration and Enablement: “Clients are looking for fewer, more integrated solutions to ease adoption, coupled with a growing demand for data leverage in daily decision-making”. Sigrid also mentioned the challenges in bridging the gap between traditional users and the high expectations of Generation Z, who anticipate technology to accelerate their performance.

Sigrid further noted the importance of having a deep domain understanding to stay relevant in the face of the digital and AI adoption surge: “This understanding is crucial to assist in tackling challenges like data silos and in enhancing the user experience, all while being mindful of the diversity in expectations and preferences across different age groups within the workforce”.

Sigrid’s approach is grounded in practical experience, bolstered by Marcura’s success in employing technology to transform maritime services and payment solutions. From breaking down data silos to elevating user experiences, her input in the panel promises to offer practical, actionable solutions.

This is a can’t-miss event for anyone interested in the ROI of digital investments, the latest in AI and digitalisation, or innovative solutions for the dry bulk sector. Sigrid Teig’s expertise will provide valuable insights into making data actionable, an increasingly vital component in maritime digital transformation.

Please register for Geneva Dry and join Sigrid’s session at 15:45 – 16:40 on May 2nd at the Wilson Ballroom, and stay tuned for further post-event insights!

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