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Top news stories from the maritime press in the last two weeks.

Specially chosen for our readers and covering recent developments in digitalisation, leadership, compliance and decarbonisation.

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Port delays in the time of COVID [analysis]

One of the reports we run on a regular basis for our PortLog customers is port delays as a result of COVID. Thanks to the information put through our platform, we are able to compile this data.   This is for dry. In the same report, we also look at the average days lost trend, geographic…

Marcura Observations celebrates – 1 year on and 1,500 maritime and port insights published

This week the Observations team celebrated their 1-year anniversary.

Each Observation is researched, vetted and posted by the Observations team.

Most Observations are based on real data running through the PortLog platform and so are very robust insights.
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And relax…. Mindfulness @ Marcura

With our move to a remote working setup, which we started in 2020, we know that greater working from home can put a different type of pressure on some of our team members.

One of the newer things we are introducing from this Wednesday is a weekly mindfulness Zoom meeting for any of our 700+ team members who’d like to join.

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Marcura’s new Dubai office opening

Marcura’s new UAE-based headquarters was officially opened on October 4 by Jens Lorens Poulsen, Marcura’s co-founder and Group CEO.

At the new office opening in Dubai, Jens said: “Our business model and operations style lend themselves to remote-first collaboration internally and externally. Reinforced with opportunities to visit and receive visits from customers and co-workers, we will be in a position to find the balance in the emerging new normal which we still consider a learning curve.”

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The hard work pays off – 4 ISO certifications

Marcura is super committed to data quality and security.  But what does that really mean?

Here are 4 concrete ways we walk the talk.

1. Ingrained in the culture

From Day 1 some 20 years ago, Marcura’s founders, Christian and Jens, committed the company to focus on compliance, independence, transparency, efficiency and data security.


A huge 491 pages of voyage documentation [this is a real picture!]

One of Marcura’s missions is to reduce or eliminate any administrative burden for shipping companies that involves paperwork and manual intervention. It makes sense for time-saving reasons, it’s environmentally sensible (not sending documents around the world by courier), it’s more compliant and it is cost-efficient. However just because voyage documentation processes have increasingly changed from…

MarTrust Salary on Demand, a new service in the MarTrust e-wallet app, is launching soon!

An exciting new addition to our e-wallet for seafarers and crew.

This feature will benefit seafarers by empowering them to track and utilise their hard-earned income at any time and anywhere, align their income with their expenses, and improve their financial well-being and welfare.

Coming very soon!

e-wallet and card to enhance seafarers’ welfare launched by MarTrust

Next-generation payment solution can transform the shipping industry’s current outdated system for paying crew salaries, suppliers and reduces the amount of cash onboard.

Webinar crazy – What has the maritime world been discussing in the last 12 months?

B2B has gone webinar crazy in the past two years, primarily because the pandemic has stopped any chance of in-person conferences and exhibitions. But what exactly have we been discussing? What’s hot in marine webinars?

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