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Ardmore’s Director of Commercial Operations, Robert Gaina, talks about DA-Desk

“Our dealings with DA-Desk are a pleasure, with their system consistently prompt and accurate”, is what Ardmore Shipping’s Director of Commercial Operations, Robert Gaina, says about DA-Desk.

Ardmore Shipping Corporation has been a DA-Desk customer for the last five years. In our recent chat with him, he explained how they benefit from efficiency and savings, safety checks, compliance, and VMS integration.

Efficiency and savings: “…we’ve compiled quarterly and annual reports, highlighting savings achieved. However, it’s not only about the numbers for me, it’s also about efficiency and quality of service from start to finish”.

Global support team: “Ardmore is backed up by a DA-Desk team ashore who deal with all the intricacies of disbursement accounting, invoices, and agents – all over the world”.

Compliance: “…we rely completely on DA-Desk’s scalability to conduct the required checks and action-related notifications as needed”.

Many thanks to Robert for his time – we really appreciate it.

Read the full interview here.

For more information about DA-Desk, contact us today at Da-Desk.

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