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In conversation with Walter Wildoer from Seatrade

In conversation with Walter Wildoer from Seatrade. To view the full video please go here.

Walter tells us how DA-Desk enabled them to break free from “piles of paper and yellow sticky notes” to a 95% paperless situation in their DA process.

Also covered in the longer edit:

  • His top benefit: the transparency DA-Desk brings
  • How Seatrade was DA-Desk’s first customer over 20 years ago
  • How our chairman Christian Siemers Haunsø, 21 years ago, spent 6 months in the Seatrade offices developing the solution
  • Walter’s view of DA-Desk’s reliability, security and customer service

The longer version of the conversation is here on the DA-Desk website.

In the longer version, Walter also tells us about Seatrade, and describes his eventful career including when he was at sea.

Thanks very much to Walter for your time.

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