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Crew payments made easy

  • A solution built for manning and finance directors and their teams
  • Saves time, frees up cash flow
  • For your crews, it’s cheaper than banks and exchange houses, more secure and faster

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Crew payments made easy

Whether it’s paying your crew, suppliers or Masters, MarTrust can (almost certainly) improve your current situation.

A “built-specifically-for-maritime” solution that will:

  • reduce your FX and transaction fees
  • significantly enhance your sanctions and AFC compliance
  • be of real benefit for your crews.

We’re 100% maritime and we’d really appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help.

Quick intro to the E-Wallet

In 2 minutes, find out how you can:

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce cash flow
  • Make processing significantly easier
  • Deliver many benefits for your crew
MarTrust brochure

Read our guide – how shipping companies can reduce Cash to Master and improve the payroll process

What you’ll find inside:

  • How our payment solution enables Captains, crew and onshore teams to manage pay, bonuses and advances with ease – and reduce cash on board
  • See screenshots of our solution


Too much paper flying around? Not sure you’re checking every DA?

We can help

Operations directors and their teams can automate every step of the disbursement accounting process and make significant savings on your international payments.

Remove paperwork, save time and enhance your compliance, reconciliation and security.

Free up time for your teams to spend on value-add activities.

A tried and tested solution (DA-Desk launched in 2001) and used today by over 350 of the world’s leading shipping companies.

We’d love to give you a free demo so please get in touch.

Watch the DA-Desk demo video

It’s a detailed demo of DA-Desk.

Watch a video tour of all the features of DA-Desk, including:

  • Agent appointment – how quick and simple it is to appoint an agent
  • PDA and FDA approval – how easy it is to review line-item costs and compare PDAs
  • The screening, validation and checking of PDAs and FDAs
  • Reporting
  • The enhanced compliance checks built into payments
  • Managed vessel tracking and Port Document Management System

Walter from Seatrade: “We moved from piles of paper to DA-Desk”

Clipper Bulk has been using DA-Desk since 2006 and added PortPayables, Dashboards, and KPIs over the years, which have turned the use of DA-Desk into a streamlined process throughout the organisation, with cash flow optimisation, easier closing, and reconciliation of voyages and less paperwork.”

Erik B Terkildsen
Head of Operations

Marcura Testimonial2

“Marcura is the market leader in disbursement accounts and other platforms that come along with the port call process.

Marcura can manage a high volume of port calls – and this was the main factor to come over to Marcura.

Partnering with Marcura helps Eagle to perform better, to process accounts quicker and leverages on data and resources Marcura has all in one platform.”

Marc Radulovic
Senior Operations Manager

Marcura Testimonial

“DA-Desk is always up-to-date with global port tariffs and with their huge database they also know which invoices are true and what can be challenged.

We see a clear difference in the quality and efficiency we can achieve and now just one person is able to manage the DAs of the entire company.”

Manish Jain
Chief Operating Officer


Introducing PortLog Pro – your latest PortLog solution upgrade

How are you estimating unpaid time? Are you relying on tacit knowledge alone?

Using the world’s largest SOF + FDA database + CP terms, PortLog Pro simulates laytime impact and accurately estimates demurrage/despatch and unpaid time.

Generate data-driven voyage estimates, evaluate potential fixtures and make more profitable freight trading decisions.

All this in a few simple clicks as we’re integrated with your Veson IMOS Platform.

Laytime Calculations


Your Laytime calculations processed securely by us in just a few days

We’d love to help with your Laytime calculations.

Remove your demurrage burden and free your FTEs to focus on higher-value tasks.

Reduce errors and settlements with a streamlined, secure and standardised process.

Latest news

[WEBINAR] Using PortLog Pro to improve accuracy of estimating unpaid time

PortLog is pleased to be hosting a webinar in partnership with Veson Nautical on ‘Using PortLog Pro to improve accuracy of estimating unpaid time‘.

This webinar is for existing PortLog customers not yet on Pro, plus chartering managers and freight traders looking for a check-before-fixing tool.

Marcura announces senior executive appointments to support strategic growth

Marcura is pleased to unveil significant advancements in our leadership team to reinforce our strategic expansion plans.

We have introduced two key senior executive appointments, highlighting our commitment to driving innovation and progress within the industry.

The Marcura Group acquires ShipServ

The Marcura Group today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ShipServ, a leading maritime online procurement platform and marketplace.
This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and is expected to be finalised in the coming weeks.

NEW – Introducing PortLog Pro

After a period of co-creation with customers, we’re excited to announce the release of PortLog Pro to chartering and freight trading desks globally. PortLog Pro is an advanced version of PortLog designed to improve freight pricing and boost efficiency with data-rich laytime simulation and the Veson IMOS Platform integration.

How digital payments are revolutionising the maritime industry

This informative article discusses the advantages of digital payments for companies and crew, cashless vessels and the key considerations for implementing cashless vessels .

Choosing a disbursement accounting platform: 6 critical areas to assess

We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you ask the right questions at every stage of the DA platform selection process – from deciding to automate your DA process in the first place, to onboarding, operationalising, and measuring the return on your investment successfully. Read it now to discover how to choose the right DA automation solution for your business.


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Streamlining the processes of the shipping industry and driving greater efficiency, compliance and security

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