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Humanising digital at MarTrust

We all understand the importance of going digital, especially in the payments business. Nothing new! But when MarTrust decided to define what ‘Digital’ means, they decided to take a good look at who the customer was and their needs.

Customer first: seafarer

This was a serious exercise: to go into the lives of the customers, to understand the real challenges faced by them and then to carve out a solution that is truly digital – bridging human needs seamlessly – was not easy.

That’s when the MarTrust E-Wallet was born, taking a deep look at a unique customer with very unique needs.

We had to first understand the mobility needs of the seafarer, a truly global international customer, and understand their needs for receiving and sending money across multiple countries where they travel to, and their need for payment acceptance.

These needs were then taken and converted into customer journeys and simplified. The need for sending money home instantly was then developed into an international remittance and cross-border payment solution within the E-Wallet itself.

We built a truly global money transfer model with the ability to send money in 130 currencies, with just a few clicks, 24×7, all year round.

Compliance is a priority and MarTrust focuses on it in a big way here, to offer peace of mind to our customers, as their trusted partner.

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