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Some of Marcura's Dubai team in front of the new reception

Marcura’s new Dubai office opening

Marcura’s new UAE-based headquarters was officially opened on October 4 by Jens Lorens Poulsen, Marcura’s co-founder and Group CEO.

Marcura decided early in 2020 to commence a Remote Excellence (RX) project with the objective of enabling all our global teams to work remotely, from their homes.

This has been highly successful.

The RX strategy has allowed us to increase employee motivation and flexibility and given us access to a large, diverse talent pool which already has enhanced our diversity through the 150 remote hires and onboardings we have done since we went fully remote.

The importance of team meetups, events and customer meetings remains unchanged.

The best way of facilitating that now, with increased remote working, is for our offices to have more meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

At the new office opening in Dubai, Jens said: “Our business model and operations style lend themselves to remote-first collaboration internally and externally. Reinforced with opportunities to visit and receive visits from customers and co-workers, we will be in a position to find the balance in the emerging new normal which we still consider a learning curve.”

He added: “Dubai has always been our HQ and will continue to be, and our new location in Dubai Silicon Oasis reflects our digital and technology focus.”


CEO Jens cuts the ribbomn and opens Marcura's new Dubai office

Jens cuts the ribbon in the new Dubai office




Written by:

Jens Poulsen, Marcura Group CEO

Bettina Frimann Larsen,  Group Director Strategy Execution

Pictures by Avita Garhwal Choudhary, Marketing Manager


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