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Leveraging technology to manage maritime sanctions compliance [FREE WEBINAR RECORDING]

The maritime sanctions and compliance landscape is rapidly evolving.

Heightened by the severe ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, global awareness of this space has substantially increased.

The levels of complexity in this space are not to be underestimated. The dynamic nature of the continual changes, coupled with the different organisations involved in implementing sanctions, along with the evolving deceptive tactics being deployed in avoidance attempts are all elements that require suitable consideration.

If companies have an awareness of the evasion methods used and how to identify them, then procedures can be implemented to prevent any involvement in attempted wrongdoings.

The use of technology and innovative solutions can be a beneficial aid here. In partnership with Thetius, MCaaS hosted a webinar which brought together experts in the maritime sanctions and compliance field to explore and discuss the landscape as a whole and how companies can leverage technology to assist in risk mitigation.

View the webinar recording

The discussion included:

  • An understanding of sanctions compliance and why you need an awareness of this space
  • An overview of the maritime sanctions landscape
  • How to create and maintain a sanctions and compliance programme
  • Additional aids and tools that can be leveraged to provide effective assistance in risk mitigation against any wrongdoings


  • Taher Afridi, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer at Marcura
    Taher has a range of experience having previously worked in the UAE Military (MoD), UAE Government and Commercial Maritime. He is currently leading the Compliance and Information/Cyber Security teams at The Marcura Group.
  • Tom Barr, Managing Counsel at Wartsila
    Tom is also a legal business partner for Wärtsilä Voyage. With a range of responsibilities and functions, Tom also manages the Marine Tech Law team which leads on matters relating to digital technologies, data & cyber security.
  • Deepak Shetty, Senior Advisor at The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
    Deepak has over 40 years of experience and expertise across government and corporate sectors at both international, regional and national levels.
  • Nick Chubb, Managing Director at Thetius (Moderator)
    Nick is the Managing Director of maritime innovation enablement consultancy Thetius. The Thetius team works with leading technology companies, maritime businesses, and investors to enable new technologies to flourish in the industry.

View the webinar recording

About MCaaS (Maritime Compliance as a Service), one of Marcura’s 8 maritime solutions

MCaaS is our maritime compliance solution, providing customers with robust screening services for export controls and sanctions compliance to reduce the hassle, risk and costs associated with compliance.

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