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MarTrust: In conversation with George Pitaoulis from ABC Maritime

We spoke to George Pitaoulis, Marine Personnel & Development Director from ABC Maritime, on the benefits of the MarTrust e-wallet for his company’s owners, captains, and seafarers. Watch the video to see how much of a difference the solution has made – and how much money it’s saved ABC Maritime…

In the video, George says, “We are saving funds in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year because now the captain has his MarTrust card onboard, which he can utilise for vessel needs, and this is saving $8,000-10,000 per year [and per vessel] on fees that we pay to the port agents.”

Watch the interview here

Our e-wallet and pre-paid card also allow seafarers to send money home faster and cheaper. It reduces the need for seafarers to manage or store significant amounts of cash, providing increased security and peace of mind that their funds are always safe.

We’d like to thank George for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts with us.

For more information on the MarTrust e-wallet, go to:

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