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NEW – Introducing PortLog Pro

After a period of co-creation with customers, we’re excited to announce the release of PortLog Pro to chartering and freight trading desks globally.

What is PortLog Pro?

PortLog Pro is an advanced version of PortLog designed to improve freight pricing and boost efficiency with data-rich laytime simulation and the Veson IMOS Platform integration.

Estimate laytime and optimise your demurrage rate with PortLog Pro

See more of the platform here.


PortLog Pro vs PortLog Core: what’s the difference?

In addition to all the core elements of PortLog, PortLog Pro comes with additional features, both of which are outlined below.

What’s included with PortLog Core:

  • Rain estimator
  • First come first served index
  • Holiday calendar
  • Terminal efficiency/working hours
  • Agency list/Ask and Agent
  • Online chat
  • Analytics service

In addition to all of the above, PortLog Pro users benefit from:

  • Laytime simulator
  • Two-way Veson IMOS Platform integration
  • Improved terminal prediction
  • Unpaid time estimated in one number
  • Terminal and port risk warnings
  • View historic main terms fixed

Learn more about PortLog Pro vs PortLog Core here.



PortLog Pro uses 38.2m+ digitised events

Our predictive analytics technology crunches a huge amount of port data.

PortLog Pro:

  • digitises and standardises your Statement of Facts
  • digitises your laytime relevant CP terms
  • digitises your DAs
  • predicts your likely terminal
  • uses AIS, weather and berth-level restriction information

To get you: terminal level laytime predictions for more accurate freight pricing.


What do customers say?

Rasmus Saltofte – Head of Handysize Worldwide, Norden, shares how partnering with PortLog has helped his team, and the importance of the Veson IMOS Platform integration.

Learn more about our partnerships with customers here.


Want to see the platform in action?

Whether you are a Veson IMOS Platform customer or not, we’d love to speak with you.

Get in touch with Emma Wilson, SVP of Customer Success at PortLog. All requests go directly to Emma, who will respond to you personally.

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