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Photo collage of Philippines team

Our Philippines team enjoy a team-building weekend

Last month, our team in the Philippines saw several opportunities to collaborate in person and work even more closely together.

As well as group lunches and onsite days with visits from our GC & Chief Compliance Officer, Felix Antero, the main highlight for the team was a productive team-building weekend.

The DA-Desk Operations team, which is headed by Sector Manager, Eric Fernandez, organised the event at Pico de Loro Resort, Nasugbu Batangas.

The theme of the activities was ‘A synergy and alignment program – above and beyond’, hosted by Arcel Maninang, HR Manager.

Smaller teams were formed into ‘tribes’ and the event was kicked off with each tribe distinctively identifying themselves by having their own tribal chant!

The aim was to strengthen team alliance through completing physical challenges together, which enabled our people to apply Marcura’s values, skills and team spirit.

The weekend was a great success, bringing our team together and for some, it was the first time seeing their colleagues in over two years.
We’ve received excellent feedback below from the team:

“The activities were informative and helpful – they showed us how to effectively collaborate with different personalities and put effort into working together as a team to achieve a shared goal. I also got to meet and bond with colleagues that I only interact with online due to our remote work set-up.”
Sarah Songco, DA Processing Officer – DA-Desk

“It was a pleasant experience to bond (in person) with the whole team! We even got to see our teammates from almost 400 miles away; they flew straight from Cebu to Manila. Kudos to Eric and the committee for a fruitful team-building event, and also to Arcel for the activities with great takeaways.”
Roushelle Roque, DA Processing Specialist – DA-Desk

“It was a great weekend with the whole team! It never felt like it was the first time meeting them. The travel time was indeed worth it. Thank you, everyone and I’m looking forward to our next team-building activity!”
Keith Luzon, DA Processing Officer – DA-Desk

“After seeing all of my teammates after two years of virtual communications, I felt so great and elated. These team-building activities allowed me to get to know each one of our team, break barriers, and work more closely together. Everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable experience. I want to thank everyone for making this possible. Kudos!”
James Asanion, DA Processing Specialist – DA-Desk

Check out the highlights from the weekend by watching the video below:

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