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How to obtain discounts and rebates on port call costs

15% of voyage expenses can be taken up by port call related costs, therefore having reliable numbers and knowing how these costs are derived is extremely important for decision-making. The cost of calling at a port needs to be as accurate as possible for the chartering team to calculate voyage expenses. How much costs can change depends on different variables which, if carefully assessed, support the risk analysis in taking cargo or not.

Port tariffs

Port tariffs can be complicated, and calculating them can be a time-consuming process. Rarely will a port have a single source of information. Generally, it is a combination of port authority tariffs, various terminal-specific tariffs, and local supplier costs. In many areas, each service is operated independently of the port authority.

Towage is one of the largest port costs and suppliers often have different tug types, can use different rate structures, and have multiple surcharges.

It is extremely important that these costs are reviewed at a terminal or berth level, as there can be significant variation in costs between different terminals within a port. Then, there are the variances in tariff structures.

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