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Port delays in the time of COVID [analysis]

One of the reports we run on a regular basis for our PortLog customers is port delays as a result of COVID.

Thanks to the information put through our platform, we are able to compile this data.


This is for dry.

In the same report, we also look at the average days lost trend, geographic distribution of delays, and all this data also for the tanker segment.

The full report is available to PortLog customers.  It’s just one of a series that our dedicated analytics team produces for PortLog customers. Other reports include:

-Weather risks (swell, fog, seasonal differences)

-Port Costs (saving opportunities, cost driver information)

-Navigation (tide and daylight restrictions)

-Cargo operations (local regulations and practices)

-Towage information (tugs billing structure and escort tug requirements)


Reports and analysis like these are only 1 of PortLog’s unique layers of data – to read all 4 of them – click here:

To read more about how PortLog can help you manage time and risk in port – click here.


Written by:

Kim Ahler, Digital Transformation Manager, PortLog

David Hardy, Marcura Group Marketing Director

Originally published on 

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