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Six useful insights for successful maritime process automation

The maritime industry is in the midst of a technological revolution, with businesses looking to adopt automation and digital tools and processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance. Our recent eBook “Avoiding the Digital Divide” found that 80% of maritime businesses see process automation as a key driver for continued growth.

To explore the impacts and key considerations of process automation in more depth, our Group Chief Commercial Officer, Hans-Christian Mordhorst, joined a recent Thetius webinar on “Understanding process automation in maritime“ to delve into the priorities and possible pitfalls of automation.

We’ve gathered some of his key takeaways and most valuable insights to help you successfully navigate your own process automation journey.

1. What are the main opportunities and concerns around process automation in maritime?

Marcura is a company that was founded 20+ years ago with a view to achieve efficiency, empower knowledge workers to have more job satisfaction and focus on what’s really important. As far as process automation is concerned, it’s ingrained in how we work.

Automation supports scalability, it removes errors, but it’s actually human-centric, in two ways.

Firstly, and most importantly for our customers, whatever automation we’re able to achieve for them, they stay in control. They want to be able to understand what is happening – “who am I appointing as an agent?”, “What is my cost going to be?”.

Secondly, it [automation] isn’t primarily about eliminating jobs, but rather making them more fulfilling, focusing on how knowledge workers in the maritime industry can do a better, and more meaningful job.


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