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Webinar crazy – What has the maritime world been discussing in the last 12 months?

Webinar crazy – What has the maritime world been discussing in the last 12 months?

B2B has gone webinar crazy in the past two years, primarily because the pandemic has stopped any chance of in-person conferences and exhibitions.
But what exactly have we been discussing? What’s hot in marine webinars?

We analysed the subject matter of 387 maritime webinars, held in the last 12 months, primarily by industry bodies or news organisations, such as:

And here are the hot topics:

Category Number of webinars
Digitisation & Latest Technologies 81
Shipping Market – global or regional or country 67
Maritime Finance 26
Decarbonisation 23
Maritime Compliance 19
Maritime Sanctions 17
Maritime Risk 16
Terminals & Ports 15
Future of shipping 12
Sustainability (other than decarbonisation) 11
Covid 10
Supply Chain Market 10
Bunker 9
Commodities 9
Vessel Operations & Management 9
Cybersecurity 8
Crew 7
Energy Market 7
Legal 7
Vessel Optimization & Performance 6
Chartering 5
Others 5
Maritime Incident 3
Shipbuilding 2
Leadership 1
Startups 1
Vetting 1
Total 387


Digitialisation rules!


It may have taken our industry a little time to catch up, but we’re now making up for the lost time in the rush to digitisation and digitalisation. Of course, this subject covers a multitude of areas (Marcura are of course in the digitisation and digitalisation business ourselves) and so here is a snapshot of the webinar titles to give a flavour of some of those 81 webinars:


Sustainability has low representation, all things considered

This one surprises us: why sustainability did not get more airtime. Expect the trendline here to continue to grow over time.

More or less?

As we pull out of COVID times, are the number of webinars reducing?

*This graph has been produced by Marcura based on the findings of our research.

Not yet it seems from the graph above, but….


Webinar killers are on their way!

There are 2 trends on the horizon that are likely to reduce the volume of webinars: live conferences, and the return of real conferences. To counter webinar fatigue, online live conferences have been gaining momentum. Recently, several forums have announced that they will host live events. Below are some examples that we found:

      • Smart Maritime Network – “Dubai conference 2021” in Dubai (November 2021)
      • Marine Money – “20th Anniversary Marine money week Asia – Asia’s largest ship finance conference” in Singapore (December 2021)
      • Seatrade Maritime events – Middle East (December 2021) – 7,000 virtual attendees last year.


Inperson exhibitions, and their associated meetings, conferences and forums, are coming back with a bang.

All the big players, after missing a year or two, are back very soon and maybe this will significantly reduce the need and demand for webinars. Below is a list of  some of the largest forthcoming exhibitions, see how soon some of them are:


How Marcura can help

Our products help with several of the hot webinar topics:

      • Maritime compliance, Maritime risk: see our specialist compliance product, MCaaS (Marcura Compliance as a Service). Click here to learn more and get a demo.
      • Cybersecurity – when you outsource your payments you want to know that process and the payments we make are fully secure – see DA-Desk.
      • Compliance – DA-Desk comes with best-in-class compliance built-in – DA-Desk.
      • Terminals and ports – Want to save money on port calls? DA-Desk is the product for you – the best in class DA outsourcing and automation product. Click here to learn more and get a demo.

Source of data: Marcura’s research team produced this analysis from research undertaken on the internet from the sources outlined above. We acknowledge that many webinars cover multiple topics so to keep it simple, we focussed on the main topic of each.


Suchint Miglani, content writer

Deepthi Maduppu, content writer

David Hardy, Marketing director

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