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Janani on Maritime 4.0, port community systems and sustainability via digitalisation

In a recent presentation to YoungShip, Janani Yagnamurthy, Senior Analytics Manager at Marcura, discussed:

  • What the future holds for the maritime industry
  • The action needed to ensure we maintain our position as a maritime hub
  • The understanding of challenges we are yet to face and ways of overcoming these hurdles
  • The broader impact of increased sustainability through digitalisation
  • Maritime 4.0 and how it impacts the future of maritime digitalisation

You can watch her keynote presentation below.

Janani’s key takeaways:

“The shipping industry is responsible for 90% of the world’s trade and carries approximately 11 billion tons of cargo annually.

“Maritime 4.0 closely aligns with the Industrial Revolution regarding technological advancements and increased automation.

“What does this mean for the industry and its day-to-day operations?

“Having a well-integrated PCS that automates data and allows better interaction management within the network will enable shipping to continue to play a vital role in world trade.

“Digital transformation is key to creating a well-integrated PCS. This collaborative effort requires collective innovation and shared knowledge across teams and stakeholders and does not solely rely on IT teams.

“In summary, data is the new ‘oil’, but the combination of analytics and people drives the ‘engine’ behind digital transformation in the shipping industry.

“Slowly and steadily is the fastest way to achieve this, as all layers of compliance must be met.”

YoungShip Sri Lanka’s Panel Discussion and Networking Event

Janani Yagnamurthy, Senior Analytics Manager at Marcura, spoke at YoungShip Sri Lanka’s Panel Discussion and Networking Event on ‘Digitalisation in the Maritime Industry and the Potential Impact of the Port Community System for Sri Lanka’.

With over 120 attendees, the event was hosted in Colombo to spark interest within the Sri Lankan port communities in building an effective port community system (PCS) through automation and digitisation.


About Janani

Janani is based in Perth and works in our analytics team, facilitating and enabling ship owners/operators to optimise port call turnaround and port cost through intelligence-led data analytics, port performance KPI reviews and bespoke studies.

She is also a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) and was named a Middle East branch topper in the Port and Terminal Management, and Dry Cargo Chartering modules of their Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE).

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