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New Marcura Report Outlines Key Challenges and Opportunities Facing Maritime CFOs

A new report by Marcura and Thetius titled “Navigating Financial Seas” asked CFOs to provide frontline insights into the challenges they face as digital transformation is increasingly a central consideration for companies. By speaking with financial leaders directly, Thetius analysts were able to identify five main obstacles facing CFOs and the strategies they are employing to tackle them.
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Unlocking Digital Horizons in Maritime

Unlocking Digital Horizons in Maritime: Join Sigrid Teig at Geneva Dry 2024 on May 2nd Expect an insightful exploration of the digital era's challenges and opportunities, especially in light of Generation Z's entrance into the workforce.
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Choosing a disbursement accounting platform: 6 critical areas to assess

We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you ask the right questions at every stage of the DA platform selection process - from deciding to automate your DA process in the first place, to onboarding, operationalising, and measuring the return on your investment successfully. Read it now to discover how to choose the right DA automation solution for your business.
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