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DA-Desk celebrates 2 million port calls

DA-Desk celebrates 2 million port calls today!

Congratulations to MOL Drybulk Ltd. for creating the 2 millionth port call.

Earlier, we chatted to Mr. Yuichiro Haraguchi, General Manager, Business Planning Division from MOL Drybulk Ltd.:

“We have been working with DA-Desk for the last 10 years. The collaboration with DA-Desk has been a key role in our digital transformation and helped us improve efficiencies.

“It’s a pleasure to work with the DA-Desk platform and support team, and a privilege to have created the 2 millionth port call in the platform.”

Dionysis Tzelepis, Managing Director of DA-Desk had this to say about the achievement:

“The creation of our two millionth port call is a testament to our expertise and the trust of our customers in our service offering. We completed one million port calls within 14 years, and we celebrated 2 million port calls six years later.

“Our growing customer base has enabled us to strategically position our team closer to our customers and organically grow and support them in unprecedented situations like the Covid outburst two years ago.

“Very importantly, we constantly engage with our counterparties, seeking their input and feedback on how to maximise the value added.

“Lastly, our size enables us to attract and retain talent and invest in robust compliance infrastructure that mitigates our customers’ operational risks.”

A BIG thank you to all of our customers who helped us achieve this milestone.

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